Velomotive Campus consists of wide range of organisations with very diverse knowledge and views on cycling, able to create an innovative ecosystem that brings together all the expertise in the field of cycling in Gelderland province. Our vision is that the Velomotive Campus will become a world leader of bicycle innovation.

Velomotive Campus fits in seamlessly with current social themes – both regionally in Gelderland and internationally. The focus is primarily on four central themes and interfaces between them – mobility, health, economy, sustainability.

This initiative is an important economic opportunity for Gelderland province. The mix of companies, the high level of innovation and the international appeal of this cycling ‘ecosystem’ will provide an economic boost for the region.

In addition, this ecosystem offers an excellent opportunity to bring education, research and business together. For all levels of further education present in Gelderland – ROC, HAN and Radboud University – this ecosystem offers suitable opportunities to make the link between business and educational institutions.

Velomotive Campus is an initiative of passionate entrepreneurs who are already part of a variety of high-profile bicycle initiatives in the Province of Gelderland during the past years. These existing initiatives have been supported by local municipalities, the Province of Gelderland and various Dutch ministries