Track Course Circular Entrepeneurship

RCT Gelderland and Dutch Bicycle Center are organising a Track course for the Bicycle Industry in partnership with CIRCO in November. During the three-day CIRCO Circular Business Design Track – which consists of three one-day workshops – you can discover the possibilities of circular entrepreneurship and design, explore opportunities for your own business and take concrete first steps in the development of new products, services and business models. This ‘Track’ is specially organised for companies in the bicycle industry who want to make their products and services ‘circular’ and want to learn from each other. You participate with parties from the entire chain such as bicycle producers, suppliers of materials, parts and accessories, retailers and wholesalers. But also consider parties involved in parking solutions and the processing of data in, for example, bicycle apps. The workshop is offered at a reduced rate, made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.