Visit to Studio MOM

RCT Gelderland is organising a public visit to Studio MOM for interested parties on September 30 2019. Studio MOM is well-known for its use of the latest technology, working together with universities and colleges. Good Design and Sustainability in combination with the focus on essences of functionalities has led to many award-winning product designs.

The tour is led by Mars Holwerda, known for the Circo tracks in the field of circular design. The introductions are provided by Sina Salim of RCT Gelderland and the session is concluded with a presentation about Velomotive Campus by Kees den Hollander of Loendersloot Groep.

You are most welcome on September 30 from 5 pm, with the session starting at 5:30 pm and ending at 7:30 pm. Studio MOM is located at Statenlaan 8 on the Kleine Campus in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Please register via email at